Care instructions and maintenance tips

care instructions cool iron
Cool iron
care instructions dry clean
Dry clean
care instructions dry flat
Dry flat
care instructions handwash
care instructions no bleach
No bleach
care instructions no tumble dry
No tumble

Care instructions and maintenance tips for keeping your knits in “like new” condition for longer

  • Handwash only;
  • Shake to remove dust;
  • Soak in cool water using a detergent recommended for handwashing wool;
  • Gently agitate to remove dirt particles if any;
  • Rinse 3-4 times in cool water and gently squeeze it out without wringing it or pulling it;
  • Avoid hanging for long periods of time. It is best to lay flat to dry and to store folded in a cool and dry place;
  • When dry, a brisk shake or brushing with a soft brush will restore the pile. Natural animal fibers tend to shed at first but will settle with wear and wash overtime;
  • Avoid storage of handmade knitwear in plastic bags. Better keep it in a cotton or non-woven textile bag. Plastic bags should be used for transportation only in order to protect the garment from contamination;
  • Don’t overdo brushing. It won’t harm the fabric but it may result in the garment being too fuzzy for your liking.
  • NEVER bleach handmade knitwear.
  • MOST IMPORTANT !!! Enjoy your handcrafted SuperTanya knitwear as often as possible. 🙂